Nationwide walks of witness every Easter throughout the UK

 Malcolm HathawayTestimonials

To walk behind a cross on the main street of town is a simple but powerful declaration of faith in Jesus Christ. It is also a visible reminder to all who watch that there is hope to be found in the death and resurrection of Christ. Hope of forgiveness, of new beginnings and a purpose to live for. I commend the walks of witness in towns and cities across the nation. Rev Malcolm Hathaway, Lakeside Christian Centre, Southport

Last year the weather could not have been better the sun shone it was lovely and warm! All the walkers were happy and excited. The crowds wondered what all this was about, until the march assembled a outside the Town Hall and proclaimed Jesus in song and spoken word. 

This year it rained and the wind blew, it was cold and wet, but miserable? Oh no! The Walk of Witness went ahead with more people and even greater enthusiasm. Banners proclaimed who we were and what Jesus had done. The day was wet but wonderful.  Rev John Cave

Co-operation between churches in a local town is essential, to show the life of Christ to people. Our town has been privileged to see this in action with the Evangelical Ministers meeting regulary and working in partnership. With open air meetings and regular monthly Youth Church, this is hosted by one of the member congregations. The last two years we have had the privilege of walking together at Easter to identify our corporate faith. Pastor Peter Cunningham
 I am delighted that so many churches unite each Good Friday to walk through the town together to commemorate Christ's sacrificial love for us. Jesus died to unite man with God and man with man. I believe that God sees one church in Southport and this united act of witness expresses that goal and vision very well indeed. Major Francis Frost Salvation Army 
 I have been praying for and looking forward to our Walk of Witness for sometime. Now Good Friday had arrived people were slow in gathering but then many arrived and we were off. It was great to be with like minded people witnessing unto the Savior. Lionel Milner - Elder Canning Rd Chapel. 
Pontypridd Christians Together has for over a decade drawn Christians of all traditions in Pontypridd together for a Good Friday walk of witness. Our walk in 2005 took a slightly extended route, covering the whole of the main shopping area of the town. We began with a short act of worship in the Taff Vale precinct and ended with worship in Market Street. A good number of passers-by stopped to listen. But the most impressive witness, as usual, was the walk between these two points in total silence - the cross carried at the front making its own witness. People stop, look, think, cross themselves as we walk past and are more deeply impressed than they would be by any amount of preaching or hymn-singing. Revd Gethin Rhys Pontypridd 
 The unity of God's people is close to the heart of God. As such it delights God when his people dwell together in unity. Our walk of witness on Good Friday provides one of the few occasions in the Christian year when, united under the cross, God's people from different churches are able to declare their identity, not in denomination or institution, but in Jesus. Rev Stewart Reid Christ Church 
 The Nationwide Walk of Witness is an initiative designed to to promote unity between churches from all streams. Psalm 133 v1 tells us that when the "brothers dwell together in unity God commands the blessing to fall". It would be reasonable to assume that where is no unity there can be little or no blessing. If we reach our nation we must be able to show them the times when the Church comes together in unity over non-negotiable areas of the gospel. The National Walk of Witness is a God given opportunity for the local Churches to express their desire to impact their community with the life changing love of Christ. Rev Dave Shepherd. 
I have long been concerned how Christians in our town could present a united witness to the Gospel. The Good Friday Walk of Witness has provided a God-given means for Churches right across the denominational and theological spectrum spectrum as we focus upon he who is central to us all, Jesus Christ. Rev Ken Summers United Reformed Church (Snr Town Chaplin) 
 A walk of witness is wise and wonderful. Firstly, it draws the attention of the public to the message of salvation. Secondly, it inspires those who take part. Thirdly, it brings local churches together strengthening a good spirit among them. Wherever the march finishes a short presentation of the gospel by a successful evangelist could bring souls to Christ. Try it and see. Pastor Alex Tee (Now with the Lord, 1925-2010).
I believe that the Walk of Witness was once again, a fantastic opportunity for the Churches in our town to come together and declare with one voice to the people of our town that Jesus is alive, ....... and so is his Church. Rev Richard Vernon, Lakeside Christian Centre, Southport.